Worcester, Massachusetts- my home – is not generally considered a pretty city.  I work in the city center, and every day I look across the street to city hall and the surrounding buildings and park.   And from my window it is difficult to see past the mundane office buildings, run down convenience stores, constant construction, and crowds. So when my friend Andy suggested we go downtown and try some street photography this weekend, I didn’t have very high hopes.  At first, I just sort of wandered aimlessly around and took some uninspired pictures of the outsides of buildings.  But then I actually started to really look around me and I realized I haven’t been doing my city justice.  Yes, Worcester is gritty and industrial and still a little down on its luck.  But it is also full of strange beauty.  So I am going to work harder to actually see what is around me from now on instead of walking past it with my head down.






2 thoughts on “Worcester”

  1. A good read. And some good photos as well. I liked the photo of that kid looking at you from top, the multi-exposure-esque photo after the ‘Soldier loves princess’ photo, and the second photo of the mannequin.

    And is that a D90?

    Happy hunting!

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